All Engineering has been involved in these projects and collaborations, among others:

Hydrogen Fuel Cell integration for E-Trucks,
Lommel, Belgium

Hydrogen Fuel Cell integration for Van Hool,
Lier, Belgium

In house production of Printed Circuit Boards (PCB)

In house development of Battery Management Systems (BMS)

Remote Dashboard for Trucks and Buses

Development of Mechanical and Electronic integration for Packaging Lines

Cooperation with the University of Eindhoven (Netherlands), the University of Stuttgart (Germany), Flanders Make (Belgium), Vlaio

Connect with us

Connecting systems
for sustainable solutions

Rosmeerstraat 8, B-3740 Rosmeer, Belgium

Flip Bamelis +32 485 96 98 91
Wil Verhoeven +31 6 153 631 94

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